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Cash Loan for Pink Slip in California

California Car Title Loans are the trendsetter in the lending industry by offering customers as much as $40,000 for giving up their car's title as collateral to get a pink slip loan in California. Imagine all that cash just 24 hours from now...oh man!

Here's a concise summary of how to get your cash in the least amount of time possible. Don't waste minute if you're in it to win it:

  1. Apply at the side of this page.
  2. Get your free pink slip quote from our title loan expert.
  3. Finalize your loan terms.
  4. Pick up your cash from locations around the Golden State.

If you need assistance finding the nearest lenders, our reps are glad to point you in the right direction.You can say bye-bye to banks, long lines, and waits--we have access to all the best lenders in the area, so you'll certainly be getting the best CA pink slip loan possible! We have an extensive database containing only top lenders who offer equally excellent deals. We are sympathetic to your situation no matter what your credit score is, so don't fret if your credit score isn't the best.

Your happiness and peace of mind is what we value, so our customer support team is available 24/7 to address your needs. Each one of them is highly trained and knowledgeable when it comes to pink slip loans and all the latest lending trends. Plus, many speak Spanish if you prefer to converse en EspaƱol.

Quite a few of them have been in tight financial situations and understand perfectly where you're coming from. We're on your side 100%.

Buy a new 4K TV, throw a party, pay off bills, change your car's tires, take a vacation, or do any of the things you'd want to do with some extra cash in your pockets. We're not a bank that regulates what you do with your money and looms over you all the time. We're the new alternative to typical lending. Celebrate your financial freedom from banks and the old ways of doing things with a pink slip loan in CA!

Pink Slip Car Title Loan

The really nice thing about pink slip loans, also known as a California car title loans, is that you don't need any credit to get one. The fact that our loans has no credit check is another reason why we're so much faster than any service in California.

  • Bad credit? That's fine.
  • No credit? No worries!
  • Bankrupt? We've got your back.

Your car's title is what gives lenders the confidence to get you big bucks on short notice. Since the loan's nice and secure for both parties, lenders are much more inclined to give you great interest rates and flexible repayment periods.

Since we have working relationships with all the best lenders in California, you can expect 3% interest and 42 months to repay with no early repayment penalties. Plus, they can fetch you up to $40,000 depending on your car's make, model, mileage, year, and style.

If you're curious to know how much you'll be getting, but you're not sure you want to commit to a pink slip loan quite yet, we still encourage you to fill out the form since it's totally free and there's no obligation once we get your quote. So, give it a shot and find out how much your car's worth!

California Loans

When you pick up your cash from your pink slip loan, bring along the following:

  • A lien-free car title
  • State-issued ID
  • Proof of income (unemployment checks count)
  • Proof of residence
  • Proof of insurance
  • A spare set of car keys
  • 2-4 references

The reason we need references is so we can confirm the information you give us. They won't be told the nature of the call, so you can rest assured getting a pink slip loan is discreet and only between you and the lender. Keep in mind that you get your title right back after your final payment is received, and all the other documents are copied and returned to you immediately.

If anytime during the repayment process you feel as though you might not be able to make the full payment, please contact us. Our representatives can help you refinance your loan to suit your needs.Apply now for free quote on California Car Title Loans - there is so much to look forward to, if you do!

No Credit Check!
Low Interest Rates
Fast Service!