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Loan for Bad Credit

In today’s day and age, it is especially difficult to get a loan in California if you have bad credit. Before agreeing to lend you money, banks or credit unions require a thorough examination of your credit. If your score is not up to par or simply non-existent, there is a very good chance that your loan request will be denied.

Most financial institutions are afraid to give out money unless they are confident that the borrower is fully qualified to repay his or her loan. As a result, if you try to take out a bank loan, the application process is typically detailed and lengthy. Once you have submitted your information, it could easily take days to determine where you stand.

Unfortunately, if you are looking for a loan with bad credit, traditional borrowing options simply won’t cut it. Instead, many California residents with poor or non-existent credit use the equity in their vehicle to finance a secure, short term loan. By handing over your title as collateral, you can receive a loan that is equivalent to the current market value of your car.

Due to the fact that a title lender has something to fall back on if the deal falls through, you can be approved with no credit check.

Car Title Loans with Bad Credit

Car title loans are a great way to get quick cash without jumping through hoops or completing a laundry list of requirements. As long as you are over the age of 18, have full ownership of your vehicle, and have the lien-free title in your name, you are already well on your way.

A title lender will hold onto your title as you make monthly payments, but you will get it back as soon as you have paid in full. Bad credit loans are a great way to get quick cash, because you can be approved in no time. After all, the most detailed piece of the puzzle is usually the credit check. By eliminating this measure, you are able to get a free pre-approval estimate as soon as you provide some simple information.

How to get a loan with bad credit:

  • To get a free quote, submit the easy application on the side of this page
  • Speak with a bad credit loan in California from our specialists
  • Pick up your cash from a convenient lender near you

Loans with no credit are available all across the Golden State, so you will never need to travel far to pick up your cash. Once you have submitted your contact and car information, you will be connected with one of the best title lenders in the state. Having bad or non-existent credit should not hold you back from getting the money you deserve. If you are eager to move forward with your life, car title loans in California cannot be beat.

No Credit Loans in California

No credit loans in California give you the opportunity to get money without all the hassles. Once you have been approved for a title loan, you can use your funds as you see fit. Whether you want to finance a family vacation or repair a broken water heater, the choice is entirely up to you. In the past, bad credit may have prevented you from getting the things you want or need, but not anymore!

No credit loans are designed with you in mind. You will enjoy flexible repayment plans and affordable interest rates. There is no need to worry if you need some time to get back on your feet, because a majority of title lenders in California allow you to take as long as 42 months to pay. Plus, you will never be charged prepayment penalties.

Your current abilities will always be taken into consideration when designing your payment schedule, so you will never feel in over your head. Bad credit loans have guaranteed approval, so there really is nothing to lose. As soon as you provide a little information about yourself and your car, you will have an idea of how much you can borrow. Many honest, hardworking residents just like you have already taken advantage of bad credit loans.

Banks may have turned you away, but applying for a collateral-based loan is a great alternative. When you get a bad credit loan online, you gain the ability to get money regardless of financial slip ups that may have occurred in the past. Your credit score may leave something to be desired, but as long as you own your car and have the clear title, it does not matter. Get a bad credit loan online today!

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